We offer a wide range of appetizers including Finger Sandwiches, Vegetable Bites, Dips, Spreads, and Platters. Click to see our Appetizer selections. more

Our entrees have something for everyone, from Chicken and Pork to Seafood and Vegetarian dishes. Click to see our Entree selections. more

We have many salads and side dishes in our repertoire with most reflecting the changing seasons. Click to see our Side & Salad selections. more

Our mouth-watering desserts include a variety of Cookies, Truffles, Tarts, Cheesecakes and more. Click to see our Dessert selections. more

We offer many tasty Breakfast and Brunch items including: Fritattas, Quiches, French Toast, Smoked Salmon Gallettes and Honeymade Pastries. Click to see our Breakfast and Brunch selections. more

We incorporate any of our foods into a luncheon format - Buffet Style, boxed, or otherwise. Click to see our Basic Boxed Lunch selections. more

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